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Explore your natural curiosity

Why does natural curiosity dwindle in most kids?

Forced learning from traditional school environments is often enough to diminish the natural curiosity that all kids are born with.

The Cosmic mission:
  • 🌌 Spark wonder.
  • 🔥 Reward and fan the flame of curiosity.
  • 🔨 Show how to apply what was learned through fun projects and home experiments.

Curiosity is key.

All the greatest scientists, inventors, builders and entrepreneurs started by having curiosity sparked and cultivated as kids.

Kids have fun at science centers. We capture the same exciting experience one would have at a science center, virtually. We then follow through by providing curated, age-appropriate deeper-dive content, along with projects and experiments that can be done at home.

What is Cosmic?

Imagine a science center at a Hogwarts-like castle. Hallways filled with inventions and interactive displays, where kids can explore and learn about any curiosity they have.

A virtual guide stands by to answer questions and explain how everything works.

The first phase of the Cosmic museum has a focus on Innovations Through Time.

Cosmic visitors also get a virtual backpack where they can earn cards and other collectibles through exploring and asking questions.

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Reward curiosity and encourage questions. Share answers that are most interesting and relevant.
Reward with digital collectibles that encourage curiosity and asking questions.
Provide at-home experiments and projects.

Cosmic is being built by a team of entrepreneurs, artists and engineers with a life-long love of learning.

Kids are born scientists and philosophers, asking a thousand questions per minute, taking things apart, and trying to understand the world around them.

Traditional education does not make room for most curious young minds to thrive. Instead of forced learning, grades, and mundane materials, we are building a platform that sparks and nurtures the curiosity that comes naturally.

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