Innovation has been reshaping the world at a blistering pace, but one area lacking significant progress is education.

Imagine a society packed with significantly more thinkers, builders, scientists, and inventors. Humans spending their time learning, creating art and exploring the universe. Perfecting their craft, innovating and creating more abundance and happiness.

We believe this is the main problem standing in the way of that future:  Kids are born scientists and philosophers, asking a thousand questions per minute, taking things apart, and trying to understand the world around them.

But traditional education does not make room for most curious young minds to thrive.

Instead of forced learning, grades, and mundane materials, we are building a platform that sparks and nurtures the curiosity that comes naturally.

Curiosity fostered leads to an excitement to learn and to create. This was the path of nearly all of the great innovators, thinkers and polymaths through the ages.
“My parents were not scientists. They knew almost nothing about science. But in introducing me simultaneously to skepticism and to wonder, they taught me the two uneasily cohabiting modes of thought that are central to the scientific method.”
— Carl Sagan

We aim to imbue the Cosmic platform with these four modes of thought: wonder, skepticism, optimism and first principles original thinking.

We’re just getting started, but if you have any questions, comments or would like to help us in our mission, please send us a message!