Mind-blowing, curiosity sparking STEAM videos + code courses.

Get inspired by exciting STEAM videos and activities.

Then learn to code with other kids and mentors.
Now open for age groups 8-11 and 12-14

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Watch videos, then code your robot. Stuck? Ask for help in the chat!

Code a farming robot to get resources for your village

Imagine a Virtual Summer Camp that takes place at a Science Center Theme Park, with scientist mentors. Spend time exploring, learning and building with others.
  • 👨🏼🔬 Learn from exciting videos, which discuss the mind-blowing world of STEAM
  • 🧙 Earn rewards for your avatar, just for watching
  • ⌨️ Practice coding
  • 💬 When you get stuck, ask for help in the chat!
Get started by watching our intro videos (fun for both kids and parents)

Get started by watching one of our intro videos (Fun for parents or kids!)

Basics & Drawing Shapes

Write your first lines of code! Draw simple shapes and then combine them into characters and artwork. We go through the basics of Khan Academy Programming, helping you along the way
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Make the "MORE SPARKLES" Game

Learn how to move a character around the screen, CREATE MORE SPARKLES, then turn it into a game. Who can get the high score?
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Paint with Color

Create a grid of squares that generate a rainbow of colors when you touch or hover over them
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